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  UriScan Optima UriScan Pro+
Type of Product   Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer   Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer
Model Name   UriScan Optima   UriScan Pro+
Size   8.3"(W)x9.4"(D)x3.5"(H)   18.3"(W)x17.3"(D)x9.7"(H)
Weight   2.1 lbs   15.4 lbs
Operating Conditions    
Temperature   10°C ~ 40°C (50°F ~ 104°F)   20°C ~ 28°C (68°F ~ 82°F)
Humidity   10% ~ 70%   10% ~ 70%
Storage Conditions    
Temperature   0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)   0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Humidity   10% ~ 85%   10% ~ 85%
Measurement Method    
Type   Reflectance photometers   Reflectance photometers
Test Capacity   36 tests/hour in routine mode
300 tests/hour in quick mode
  360 tests/hour
Measurement Cycle   Routine mode: 100 sec
Quick mode: 6 sec
  10 seconds
Memory Capability   2,000 tests   2,000 tests
Reader Head   CCD Color Image Sensor   CCD Color Image Sensor
Result Display   4.3" TFT LCD   LCD (8 lines)
Printer   High Speed thermal-printer 203dpi (8dots/mm)   High Speed thermal-printer 203dpi (8dots/mm)
Host Communication   Bidirectional RS 232C interface for data transfer to Host   Bidirectional RS 232C interface for data transfer to Host
Peripherals   Bar code reader   Bar code reader
Approvals   CE, FDA   CE, FDA

Strips Available for Analyzers

Item No. Test

U12 4 Hemo GPH Strip                 100'S
U22 5 HemoketoGPH Strip               100'S
U25 6L Strip             100'S
U39 10SGL Strip     100'S
U39 10SGL Strip     100'S
U64 2ACR Strip                     25'S
U62 10ACR Strip     100'S

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